About Us


Justin Dickerson
Owner & Director of Operations
Justin was born and raised in Texas and developed a passion for bucking stock at an early age. He moved to Mississippi later on, and currently resides there. Justin turned his passion for well-bred bucking stocks into a reality in 2015, when he and family founded BuckWild Bucking Stock. Justin works extremely hard to ensure good genetics and training for bucking bulls, but also that the cowboy way of life lives on forever. 
Because we all have a little #BuckWild in us 




Jeremy Boatwright 
Partner & Head Trainer
Jeremy and Justin teamed up in 2017, after they hit it off discussing nutrition and strength training; they started BuckWild Productions and Breeding Program. He has a hand at anything going on, whether it be  bucking and training bulls or transporting them to futurities and bull ridings throughout the year.
Maybe they drive me #BuckWild 
- Boatwright





Bo Spier  
Bull Man (Retired)
Bobo is one of a kind. If you've  ever meet him, you will remember him forever. Bo handles day to day operations at the BuckWild Bucking Stock ranch from feeding bulls to checking fences. Bo is a retired truck driver with over 30 years experience and has become one hell of a bull man. You won’t find anyone that loves it more than him and knows each and every BuckWild bull. 
Every bull out there is #BuckWild, we just have to show them that they are.
                                                       - Bobo



Kelsey Dickerson
Partner & Assistant to Operations
Justin's better half, Kelsey is the backbone to this business. Kelsey has been helping Justin with everything behind the scenes from sponsor relationships to bull ridings, paperwork for the farm, or anything in between, Kelsey is always a step ahead. 
I didn't have a choice but to love this #BuckWild way of life
- Kelsey





Jason & Ashley Moss
Partners & Assistants to Operations
Jason has been part of the team since day one. Justin and Jason have been friends for years and both share the love of bulls and  branding. Jason handles anything and everything to do with BuckWild LLC from merchandise to accounting to setting up for bull riding events.
Ashley is a Nuclear Medicine tech by trade but has taken on the love for the bull riding world after having her son Easton. Ashley is the boss when it comes to money. Ashley serves as the accountant and book keeper. 
We have two #BuckWild kids, Easton & Olivia, that make us love bucking bulls
- Jason & Ashley Moss 



 Jake England 
Partner & Bull Fighter
Jake has been with BuckWild since the start and is the heart and soul of protection. Jake fights bulls and works as safety protection for BuckWild productions along with free style bullfighting on some of the largest stages in the sport. Jake is a great partner, and all around help for our program.  
I guess fighting bulls makes me a little #BuckWild 
- Jake
Daniel Lantrip 
Partner & Farm Operations Director
Daniel came to us as a bull partner but has turned out to be a necessity for BuckWild. Daniel handles the invoices and bills for BW. He is in charge of inventory of all bulls, and helps keep us moving bulls in and out. He is a key part of the BuckWild team. 
I want to see this become bigger than we've ever dreamed of.
- Daniel
Lauren Brady 
Marketing Director
Lauren came to us & said she wanted to help us grow to our full potential. She has been a huge asset from photos, videos, flyers, website and much more. We are happy to have her for the long haul. 
Everything about this team & family is what I dream of in a brand. I am just happy to be here. 
- LB
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